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about me

howdy there 🤠

Hi! 👋 My name is Erin Mikail Staples. I grew up in Idaho, but have family all over the Pacific Northwest. I moved to Reno, Nevada for college, and stuck around for nearly a decade. During that time I studied journalism, art, and sociology, competed on my university's swim team, and met my best friend, now husband. A few years ago — I relocated with the best-friend-turned-husband out east to Brooklyn, NY (a cross-country roadtrip by way of minivan, with two cats and a pair of snowshoes my husband still makes fun of me for prioritizing).

Community things 💻

Now I work full-time in the community space. I landed in the community world by way of product management, user research, a short stint in journalism and design, and a long stint of freelancing and exploring plenty of different things. While community is an industry that's booming as of late, I like to think that my focus in it has been rooted in me all along. I initially got into journalism to connect with folks, and to tell their stories. Community lets me to connect with folks

Professionally, I'm currently a community advocate at Orbit, write and educate folks about community things at Rosieland, and run various meetups from fun build sessions, to creator community hangs. I'm passionate about bringing folks together to learn new things and share their stories.

Attention Economy 🧠

In monumental career moments, I lost my job the week of my zoom wedding in the middle of a pandemic when a startup I was working at imploded. This impacted me more than I realized. I now think a lot about how we balance work, life, side projects, curiosities, and most importantly — how we treat about those whom we go about this life with. I write about this sporadically as part of paid attention.

Happy Build Hour + Media Hackers 🔨

I’ve enjoyed a good side project (or ten 😅). They're a good way to learn a new skill. But I'm tired of feeling like it has to be monetized or scale to the moon for it to be successful. Sometimes it's just about learning something new. When I was in grad school, I wrote my research about those who were hacking a living together as a solopreneur, and how they did it via a newsletter —  Media Hackers. Now, I enjoy sharing things I've learned and even picking up one or two new skills during Happy Build Hour. A casual meetup series for those looking to improve their skills. The only catch? It can't be your primary source of income. Let's learn something new for the sake of learning. Join us.

Don't be a stranger 👋

What are you up to? What gets you up in the morning? What excites you? I'd love to hear it all.