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What Fans Want at Fandom Conventions and Comic Cons
Eventbrite Blog
FandomCommunityCreator EconomyCommunity Creator Economy
Fan StudiesGeekCommunity StructuresParticipatory CultureCrafting FandomCreating FandomEvents
Cult or Commune? How Utopian Communities Turn Dangerous - Rolling Stone
Elizabeth Yuko
Rolling Stone
FandomCommunityCreator EconomyToxic FandomSociologyCommunity Creator Economy
Community StructuresDark side of FandomSociologyConnectionCultsHealthy Spaces
Better Conversations
Krista Tippett
On Being
CommunityAttention EconomyFood for ThoughtCommunity Creator Economy
Community StructuresCommunicationAttention EconomyConversationsHabitsCommunity
The Newsletter Network Effect
Alex Kantrowitz
Big Technology
CommunityCreator EconomyAttention EconomyJournalismTrendsWeb 2.0Community Creator Economy
Community StructuresCommunicationJournalismContent TrendsNewsletters
Oh no, your pyramid scheme is on strike | The power of Twitch protests
Ryan Broderick
Garbage Day
FandomCreator EconomyAttention EconomyOnline CultureProtestTwitchStreaming
Community StructuresParticipatory CultureInternet CultureCreator EconomyCreator MentalityStreamingTwitchContent CreatorsCreator RightsProtestOnline Culture
I Reject the Simulation
Phillip Jackson
Future Commerce
FandomCommunityCreator EconomyAttention EconomyWeb 2.0Web 3.0
Community StructuresParticipatory CultureAttention EconomyWeb 2.0RelationshipsOnline CommunitiesWeb 3.0
Online Identity: A Companion to New Media Dynamics
Journal ArticleBookResearch
Alice Marwick
A Companion to New Media Dynamics
FandomCommunityCreator EconomyAttention EconomyPersonal GrowthSociology
Personal InterestsCommunity StructuresParticipatory CultureNetworksIdentityBelongingSocial IdentityIdentity PoliticsSocial Network
Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens’ Attitudes, Practices, and Strategies
Journal Article
Danah BoydAlice Marwick
Microsoft Research
CommunityAttention EconomyFuturismTech PolicySurveillance CapitalismFood for Thought
Community StructuresInternet CultureNetworksPrivacyComing of AgeOnline CommunitiesSocial NetworkOnline Safety
Performing a Vanilla Self: Respectability Politics, Social Class, and the Digital World
Journal Article
Danah BoydMikaela PitcanAlice E. Marwick
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
CommunityAttention EconomySociology
Community StructuresSociologyDisagreementsSocial NetworkRespectability PoliticsClass & SocietySocial Norms
Why Do People Share Fake News: A Sociotechnical Model of Media Effects
Journal Article
Alice Marwick
Georgetown Law Technology Review
CommunityAttention EconomyJournalismMisinformation
Community StructuresSocial MediaMisinformationJournalismPlatformsDisinformationFake News
Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction: Horton and Wohl (1956)
Journal Article
Donald HortonR. Richard Wohl
Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a Distance
CommunityAttention EconomySociology
Community StructuresParticipatory CultureCelebrityCrafting FandomCreating FandomRelationshipsParasocial InteractionInteractionsMass Media Studies
What the rise of digital handouts on Venmo and Cash App says about our fraying social safety net
Jenna Drenten
The Conversation
CommunityAttention EconomyFuturismTech PolicyFood for Thought
Community StructuresFinancingSocial GoodCivic DutyHealth
Comic fan outrage? It's part of being human, scientists say | GamesRadar+
Vaneta Rogers
Fan StudiesCommunity StructuresCult MediaParticipatory CultureOnline FandomSociologyAnthropologyPsychologySocial Identity
Co-creation and the new landscapes of design
Journal Article
Elizabeth B. N. SandersPieter Jan Stappers
International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts
FandomCommunityCreator EconomyAttention EconomyStartupsTrends
Fandom as a ToolCommunity StructuresParticipatory CultureInternet CultureFuturismSubculturesCreator EconomyBusiness of FandomBusiness ModelsContent CreatorsCo-Creation
View of Communities of making: Exploring parallels between fandom and open source | First Monday
Journal Article
Rachel WinterAnastasia SalterMel Stanfill
First Monday: Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet
FandomCommunitySurveillance CapitalismWeb 2.0Open Source
Fandom as a ToolCommunity StructuresParticipatory CultureInternet CultureSubculturesEthical TechOpen SourceSocial Media Fandom
On toxic fan practices and the new culture wars
Journal Article
William ProctorBridget Kies
Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
TrendsFan StudiesCommunity StructuresCult MediaParticipatory CultureInternet CultureSubculturesCancel CultureNiche CulturesToxic Communities